Natural to Java - convert your application today and plan for the future.

           NAJA is the result of decades of experience with large clients that develop and use mission-critical enterprise systems.


       It provides innovation and high productivity, generating Java code offering a complete development platform in a friendly way, through an IDE (Eclipse plugin), which has a central repository with versioning control, synchronizes a group of developers working in one design and solving the problems generated by concurrent access to the same code. It is the most suitable environment for the development of multiplatform applications using current technologies recognized worldwide, providing agility and productivity.

  • Reduce the annual maintenance cost of your Natural-based applications;

  • Modernize your applications using the latest technologies;

  • Plan to migrate legacy gradually;

  • 100% automated process.


     The applications developed are automatically made available in Web environments, with innovative interfaces, keeping the commitments with security and good practices in application development.


           With the use of NAJA, the main benefits are the reduction of costs and time of the project, allowing the Information Technology team to be ready to meet the demands of the business areas within the established deadlines.


           After the migration the generated interface is 100% compatible with the original maps. In this way a second phase can be planned for re-adjustment of the layout as well as application of new CSS styles.




  • 100% automated migration of Natural code;

  • After migration, maintenance on original code;

  • After migration, possibility to program Java embedded in the original language;

  • After migration, vendor independence of migration tools;

  • Generated code keeps readability;

  • Inventory tool executed at client installation without vendor interference;

  • Modernization, post migration, maps only, without change of the original code;

  • Integral preservation of the knowledge of the client's team;

  • After migration, ease of integrating new technologies into the original and generated code;

  • The tool is independent of other technologies to generate transactions on the Web;

  • The tool is available in JavaEE with architecture to support large volumes.



          A fast and efficient conversion, which guarantees modernization making all applications automatically available on the WEB. Among the benefits of the migration service are cost savings, project duration and rapid approval.


           Once the homologation is completed, it is possible to enlarge and enrich the visual quality on the application screens without changing the program code using the map editor of the new platform.


           With NAJA + H2L ADA technology migration to Java / Relational world can be done for both the current processing environments and other platforms identified by the customer as the most productive or economical. By offering a 100% automated migration process, the NAJA + H2L ADA ensures speed and efficiency without special features or knowledge that require long periods of learning. New technologies are supported by adding new commands to the NAJA language, including Web Services, E-Mail, SMS and Message queuing among others and the possibility of programming Java code within the framework.


          Strict adherence to industry standards ensures full compatibility with Java and Relational architectures, representing an excellent opportunity for legacy systems and information to have their features expanded, enriched and extended to other users and systems.
















Figure 1: NAJA architecture



  • Integrated with Eclipse

  • DEFENSE - security layer that allows integration with (replaces Natural Security):

    • LDAP

    • Active Directory

    • RACF

  • Compiler - Natural Compiler for Java;

  • 100% encoding in natural;

  • Front end browser;

  • Web Services;

  • Mail, SMS and messages;

  • JAVA Application Server (JEE);

  • Integrated data migration / replication to H2L ADA;

  • Fast learning;

  • Speed of delivery;

  • Access to the JAVA result.

Figure 2: Eclipse integrated development framework, demonstrating the already converted Natural code.




•   •Windows 7 or above (32/64 bits);

• Hard disk space: a minimum of 2 GB recommended for a complete installation;

• A complete installation includes the SOAG product installer (approximately 1 GB) and Web2Py (included);

• System memory: a minimum of 4 GB recommended;

• DB2 LUW / DB2 ZOS connection driver.

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