ADABAS Data Virtualization

        The obsolescence of reverse-listed database is a market reality. There are a growing number of companies looking to migrate their ADABAS database to relational database such as:

  • Oracle
  • DB2
  • SQL Server 
  • PostgreSql
  • Mysql among others.
        However, this migration is complex and expensive, if not prohibitive. The innovative H2L ADA suite enables a seamless migration between ADABAS data and relational database (s), as the old files that access ADABAS will continue to function normally under the new relational database. In this way, these files can be converted gradually, without the costs and burden of a total migration, in the "Big Bang" style. All migration planning is simplified and therefore the cost of the project is drastically reduced.
         From the reading of an ADABAS database, H2L ADA automatically generates a standard relational model, capable of handling all the informational and transactional needs of ADABAS database. In addition, H2L ADA migrates historical and current data from the ADABAS database to the new relational model that will be adopted. Temporarily, it is possible that the two databases, ADABAS and relational, work synchronously and harmonically with data replicated in both directions.
        However, the most innovative feature of H2L ADA is that the old solutions developed for the ADABAS database can continue to operate even after the complete migration from ADABAS to the relational database, without a single line of its programs being altered. The H2L ADA will simulate the old ADABAS and old systems will continue to function normally, even if no ADABAS database or software is available anymore. In this way, the migration of files can be done gradually, reducing risks and license costs.

           The H2L ADA enables the gradual conversion of files from  Natural to Python and Java , which can be done without needing the current team, who has the knowledge of the the business processes, to be trained in the new languages. The loss of talents and the need for new hires are therefore avoided.

           Smooth and gradual transition of database technologies and application languages:

•   ADABAS for Relational database, through mirroring (real time synchronized coexistence) or migration (partial or total) between environments;

•   During the process, production environments continue to operate normally and their eventual updates will be automatically incorporated into the environment already migrated;

•  Interdependent systems do not need to be migrated simultaneously as they are subject to partial migrations;

•  Regardless the incorporation of last generation languages, the interfaces of the original programming languages ​​are maintained, which avoids cultural shocks or lack of programming resources;

•  The planning of the technology disposal process becomes simpler and more efficient.


•   Natural - Batch/Online (Cics/Cicsplex);

•   COBOL Batch - (I, II, Enterprise....etc.);

•   COBOL Cics/Cicsplex - (I, II, Enterprise ....etc.);

•   ADASQL - Batch/Online (Cics/Cicsplex);

•   PLI - (I, Enterprise);

•   Asssembler - Batch/Online;

•   Other languages ​​that use Call ADABAS.


Figure 1: ADABAS Data Virtualization Architecture showing data consumers, data providers, and z / OS-based data virtualization server.


The  H2L ADA provides real-time access to data transacted by legacy applications. The only data virtualization solution on the market that resides directly on the mainframe.


           H2L ADA provides all the services required to implement a complete migration of the legacy database, such as:

•   Capacity Planning (for storage allocation purposes)

•   ETL

•   DDM

•   FDT

•   FCB

           The H2L ADA acts on the interface between the ADABAS * database and the chosen applications, performing database migration to the IBM DB2, Oracle, SQL Server, PostgreSql, MySql and other platforms.

            Some features:

•   Partial or total replication;

•   Partial or total migration;

•   Segmentation by ADABAS Files;

•   Changes in the suggested relational model.

                        Figure 2: Manager Studio hides the complexity of working with mainframe artifacts




Hardware Requirements:

•   IBM z13, IBM z12, zEnterprise 114 (z114), IBM zEnterprise 196 (z196), z10, z9


Software Requirements:

•   IBM z / OS v1.13 or later

•   Adabas, v4.2.3 or later

•   IBM DB2 v9.1 or later (optional)

•   Rocket RDV (optional)

Drivers CLIENT:

•   Java Database Connectivity (JDBC)  Java Virtual Machine 1.4 or higher

•   Open Database Connectivity (ODBC). Performs the following operating systems: Windows; AIX, HP-UX; Linux; Red Hat Enterprise Linux; SUSE Linux

Manager Studio:

•   Windows 7 or above (32/64 bits) ou Linux (32/64 bits)

•   Hard disk space: A minimum of 2 GB is recommended for a complete installationHard disk space: A minimum of 2 GB is recommended for a complete installation

•   A complete installation includes the Manager Studio product installer (approximately 1 GB) and Web2Py (included)

•   System memory: a minimum of 4 GB recommended

White paper:

Technical specifications

The versatility of the H2L ADA starts with the data model

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