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Benefits H2L

Reduce the annual maintenance cost (TCO) of your applications
Minimizes risk of migration, data loss and system crashes
Increase the lifetime of your legacy applications
Modernize your applications using the latest technologies
Plan to migrate gradually the legacy
Eliminates dependence on manufacturers with proprietary environments

     The obsolescence of reverse-listed database is a market reality. There are a growing number of companies looking to migrate their *ADABAS database to relational database such as: Oracle, DB2, SQL Server, PostgreSql among others.

    However, this migration is complex and expensive, if not prohibitive. The innovative H2L ADA suite enables a seamless migration between *ADABAS data and relational database (s), as the old files that access *ADABAS will continue to function normally under the new relational database. In this way, these files can be converted gradually, without the costs and burden of a total migration, in the "Big Bang" style. All migration planning is simplified and therefore the cost of the project is drastically reduced.

* ADABAS s a product owned by Software AG.

H2L ADA DataSheet


    IBM® Data Virtualization Manager creates virtual and integrated views of data and allows you to access mainframe data at source without having to move, replicate or transform them. By making data analysis available, IBM® DVM saves time and money. You can immediately combine mainframe and / or non-mainframe data with data from other company sources to get real-time information about potential risks, customer needs and market opportunities.

  • Transform business information into opportunities for new revenue generation using real-time data;

  •  Reduce risk in conducting business through faster identification of operational threats and failures;

  • Eliminate the cost, time-consuming and complexity of extracting mainframe data.

* DVM Manager is a product owned by IBM. 

DVM DataSheet


     Quality with a rapid migration - not a luxury, but a necessity when it impacts the results of your company. Nat2Py ensures that you get maximum results with minimum effort. Over the years our team has been working in the field of applications and database migration and has carried out several migration projects using our products. Our Natural / Adabas / Python code / data migration suite is 100% automated and was developed as an add-on to the Web2Py / Python framework, MVC (Model-View-Controller) design.

    Our tool contains a unique Automatic List Detail (ALD) feature that allows a relational model to generate a complete CRUD, including all the domain rules of the database and can customize the model to be generated.

  • Reduce the annual maintenance cost of your Natural-based applications;

  • Modernize your applications using the latest technologies;

  • Plan to legacy migration gradually;

  • 100% automated process.

NAT2Py DataSheet


    SOAG is intended to facilitate the work of professionals: system analysts and system developers focused on the SOA architecture. Over many years in systems development, its creators realized that the great difficulty that analysts face is to transfer to developers all the details that involves the definition of services, being it domain rules, persistence, integrity, program names, message codes and more. 

     Almost  entirely, these details are already explicit in the definition of the data model, whether it is just an ER or an existing DBSOAG provides an user friendly exposition of these details and also allows the analyst / developer to interact and improve this information.

  • Reduce the cost of software development;

  • Modernize your applications using the latest technologies;

  • Services with low level of interdependence;

  • 100% automated process;

  • Web interface.

SOAG DataSheet


    NAJA is the result of decades of experience with large clients that develop and use mission-critical enterprise systems.  It provides innovation and high productivity, generating Java code offering a complete development platform in a friendly way, through an IDE (Eclipse plugin), which has a central repository with versioning control, synchronizes a group of developers working in one design and solving the problems generated by concurrent access to the same code. It is the most suitable environment for the development of multiplatform applications using current technologies recognized worldwide, providing agility and productivity.

  • Reduce the annual maintenance cost of your Natural-based applications;

  • Modernize your applications using the latest technologies;

  • Plan to migrate legacy gradually;

  • 100% automated process.

NAJA DataSheet



    ADS/Online applications are automatically converted to C# or to CICS COBOL, with 100% like-for-like functionality as compared to the legacy applications. The resulting C# and COBOL applications are multi-tiered, providing User Interface, Business Logic, extended Screen Edit, and full-feature SQL-based Data Access layer processing. 

Automated ADS/O Conversion:


  • Uses ADS/Online dictionary as the basis for new off-mainframe applications
  • Converts IDMS-based application components including process modules, maps, ADSA structures, edit and code tables, automatic editing, IDD messages, and scratch and queue processing

  • Includes IDMS-DC language subroutines in the conversion

Sever Frame


    Sever Frame is a complete mainframe rehosting solution that lets you take (lift) your existing mainframe assets and move (shift) them to the cloud, quickly and with minimal risk. This helps your business save on costly mainframe contracts and more effectively leverage critical data, while gaining a more flexible and transparent environment. Compilers (COBOL, PL/I, Assembler), datasets (flat files, GDGs and VSAM), databases (IMS, DB2, IDMS, Oracle), online systems (CICS) and batch systems (JES, JCL) work as is, on open systems components such as Linux.

  • Low-risk, with no change to any application business logic or environmental JCL coding

  • Rapid time-to-deployment, ensuring fastest return on investment

  • No change to end-user experience

  • Accommodates years of growth—scalable to over 100K MIPS

  • Legacy code review for efficiency and use patterns

  • Reduced total cost of ownership (TCO) lets you invest in innovation

  • Leverages existing workforce and skillsets

SeverFrame DataSheet


About Us

    H2L is a company specialized in modernazing the legacy applications and remodeling IT teams for the future. Founded by professionals with more than 20 years of experience in mainframe and database. Recognized for its commitment to results and to exceed our customers' expectations.


We are always up to date on the latest technology in the Information Technology market, using the best application development practices.


    Our expertise ensures success, from the simplest of projects to those of with a high degree of complexity. In order to meet these goals in a process of technological migration, we are specialist in outsourcing, focusing on the management of teams / resources as well as the search for the best talent in the market.


We are a partner company of IBM®, Oracle®, Rocket Software®,  TMAX Software®, Telefonica® and Just Software®



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